Euro 2016 – Day 30

One day to go. Euro 2016 in all it’s glory ends tomorrow, and so too must our month-long quest to draw 800 misshapen, ham-fisted little pictures of footballers. We set out with the heady notion of filling the Panini Euro 2016 sticker album for zero pounds and zero pence, raising money for Cancer Research and MacIntyre Charity along the way, if we could. To put it bluntly, we simply can’t believe the nice words and even nicer donations that people have sent our way. The world can look a bit rubbish on occasion, but you lot have been brilliant, and made 200 hours of work and the total suspension of our normal lives an absolute pleasure. You’re all more than deserving of an Icelandic thunderclap. Altogether now: “HUH!

Right, onto today’s nonsense, with this opening trio of dross. We’re guessing Santi Cazorla’s picture was preceded by something like “Smile Santi, smile. No, smile. Big smile. Santi? No, smile Santi, come on, this is for the Panini album. Smile Santi! Oh forget it…” Poor guy. Meanwhile Sokol Cikalleshi peers with poorly-concealed distaste at a droopy-eyed Alan Dzagoev, perhaps in the manner of a man who has realised ten minutes into a transatlantic flight that he’s sat next to someone who subconsciously hums to themselves quietly yet audibly.

What a mess. Fairly certain that Zoltan Stieber’s hair is not actually possible. Roland Juhasz is surely soon to be cast as ‘Dead-Eyed Henchman #2’ in some abominable straight-to-Netflix action sequel. Caner Erkin runs a juice bar.

Marek Hamsik as a spiny fish, Zlatan as a pompous thumb, and Lorik Cana as a dishevelled mess who we now realise has a mysteriously uncoloured-in leg. That’s going to annoy us until the end of time.

Lastly today, one or two of you might have spotted us popping up on the actual news at some point in the past 24 hours. Have a watch.

Obviously this is insane on any number of levels, but happily it meant a very welcome splurge of donations from you good folk. In fact, let’s get to today’s enormously pleasing numbers…




And – a whopping £3337.54 raised for our charities. This is absolutely extraordinary, so gigantic thanks to anyone who has donated so far. And, if you haven’t, it’s not too late! Chuck us a few quid and you may well get yourself drawn, too. Check back tomorrow to (hopefully) see us stumble over the finish line.


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