Euro 2016 – The Finale

Well, we did it. We finished. On time! We drew all 800 Euro 2016 Panini stickers in 30 days, beginning on the day the tournament began and finishing a mere thirteen minutes before this evening’s final kicked-off. We’re tired – insanely, immeasurably tired – but we staggered over the line this afternoon in a blaze of shoddy pencil work and cack-handed colouring-in. Hurray!

So, how did we finish? Why, with a load of rubbish drawings of course…

Is that Kamil Grosicki? Or is it the ghost of Macauley Culkin from an alternate-ending version of ‘Home Alone’, maybe a Director’s Cut Redux where Joe Pesci casually kills him with a lead pipe? We’re ruling nothing out.

Razvan Rat’s arms are, surely, impossibly short. Worse still, someone has stolen Roman Shirokov’s guitar. Lovren, Podolski and Mandanda are a risible shambles. It’s simply incredible that were still so bad at this.

By the way, we’re watching the Euro 2016 Final as I type. The fact that I’m writing this instead of paying full attention is probably a good indication of the quality of the game. That said, there was a good bit earlier involving a big moth landing on Ronaldo’s face…

Microsoft Paint is the best.

Anyway, as we mentioned, our final sticker was completed just minutes before the final kick-off. And here it is (and, rest assured, it is predictably rubbish…)
744A fairly grumpy Nacer Chadli was the man to nudge us over the line, looking ever so slightly embittered at being left until the end. Maybe he was picked last in PE as a kid, and this brought back some unpleasant memories. Hope we didn’t touch a nerve.

So that’s it, with this shoddy, smudged Chadli we have, somehow, finished. It’s been a heck of a month. Best of all, we did it to the backdrop of a wonderful display of generosity from you lot, who’ve donated a completely fantastic £3803.79 to our charity appeal. This has completely blown our minds, so a huge and heartfelt thank-you to every one of you who has donated, and those who have kept us company along the way (or humoured us) with your encouragement, kindly comments and Twitter witticisms.

We’ll post a little extra something tomorrow, but for now, time for some rest. It’s been a blast. Maybe see you all at the World Cup?

30 DAYS.



£3810.38 raised.


Sian & Alex

P.S. Not too late to donate to our charities…



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