Euro 2016 – Day 29

The end looms. Just 48 hours till the Euro 2016 final kicks off, by which time we will – hopefully – have finished drawing all 800 flipping Euro 2016 Panini stickers. We’re tired. Extraordinarily, devastatingly tired. Our ink-stained fingers ache as carpel tunnel syndrome takes hold. Our overworked, under-rested eyes squint and twitch of their own volition. Looking at a regular human, non-footballer face, like that of a friend or loved one, now induces subconscious, stupefying thoughts: “I bet that jaw would be tricky to draw… I know exactly the pencil shade for that beard…”

48 hours. Let’s get to it.

Pajtim Kasami would probably look quite menacing if his eyes were the same distance up his head. Norbert Gyomber has the expectant puppy-waiting-for-a-treat routine down to a tee. Stay, boy, stay. Valentin Stocker has just received some unexpected and terrible news mid-smile, freezing him in rictus-grinned ambivalence for all eternity.

Poland vs Switzerland in a highly competitive Interpretive Dance-Off. I think Stephan Lichtsteiner just edges it for the Swiss.

Josip Drmic has been awake for 96 hours. Decaf please. Pierre Bengtsson wins Most Chiselled Swede 2016, retaining his title for a record breaking sixth year. Poor Fabio Coentrao’s dishevelled surf-bum chic is a powerful warning of the perils of a life spent paddling around in the breakers and saying “radical.”

551Been putting this off for a little while, but here’s our chilling depiction of Euro 2016’s eerie mascot ‘Super Victor’, last seen fleeing a burning orphanage. Brrrr.

And so, that’s your lot for the evening. The end is mercifully in sight. Here’s a strange thing: we were apparently on the BBC News tonight. We haven’t seen it yet, but as soon as we can track down a clip it’ll appear here for your ridicule. Can’t wait. Hopefully though it’ll lead to a few more donations, speaking of which: my oh my, we’ve just passed the £2300 barrier. Incredible! Keep those donations coming in, you absolutely wonderful people, and give us the final kick up the bum needed to get us over the line by Sunday evening. I suspect it’s going to be very close…



£2307.04 RAISED.

47 hours to go…

Sian & Alex




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