Euro 2016 – Day 28

Ah, Wales, that was too much fun. Yes, our brave, badly drawn boyos ultimately came up short against Portugal, but thankfully that didn’t mean we couldn’t make some mischief in the meantime. The Manic Street Preachers, responsible for Wales’ ‘official song‘ of the tournament, tweeted a photo of themselves as Panini stickers in the hours before yesterday’s game. Obviously, we couldn’t let this pass without offering up our own depiction of Blackwood’s finest…

Weirdly enough, this nonsense found its way into a Guardian article about the Wales team’s soon-to-be-glorious homecoming. The world is a strange and brilliant thing.

Anyway, let’s get to it with today’s shameful daubings. A maniacal, potentially homicidal Krzystof Maczynski gets us off to a chilling start. None of your common-or-garden quiet “he kept himself to himself” psychopathy here, this is proper leering axe-murderer territory. But this is far from today’s worst crime against art, that honour surely going to an apparently heavily medicated Ozan Tufan. We’re truly sorry, although not as sorry as Ramazan Ozcan probably is with his choice of facial hair. Now I’m no expert on beards, but a single vertical line betwixt chin and bottom lip has surely never even danced around the peripheries of being fashionable.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, we lower the bar still further. Between the nightmarish lamprey-mouth of Daniel Kolar, the jagged, impossible jaw of Maciej Rybus and the buttery fringe of Ladislav Krejci, we really do keep finding new and terrible ways of messing up drawings.

That’s all for today, we treated ourselves to actually watching tonight’s other semi-final, so we’re now a teeny tiny bit behind our target. Not too far behind, but just enough to guarantee a sleepless night. So it’ll be Portugal v France on Sunday… we shall see you then…



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