Euro 2016 – Day 27


Distractions. They gnaw away at us. Not normal everyday distractions like TV, or the internet, or friends or family or alcohol or fun, but basic human functions like eating, washing, tidying up after yourself. They’re not basic human functions anymore, they’re now just things to be avoided, or delayed, shunted to the back of your mind’s eye so we can get on with the serious business of drawing all the flipping footballers. The end is in sight though, just four and a bit days to go. Soon, we’ll be able to treat ourselves to clean clothes, hot food, and maybe, just maybe, mowing the lawn before our landlords evict us. Anyway, let’s see what horrors are in store for us today…

Good God. Igor Smolnikov’s neck belongs on no human body ever, tapering to an improbably pin-headed, jug-eared pinnacle that would have to be six to ten feet further away than his body for the perspective to make any sense. Just disastrous. Everyone else gets away comparatively unscathed, although it goes without saying that nobody looks anything like who they’re supposed to. We really are remarkably resistant to improvement.

Bleary-eyed Djourou. Snooty Ginter. Rabid Inler. Refined and raffish Burki.

Starting to warm to these fiddly little skinny stickers, mainly by imagining them all being engaged in interpretive dance. More emoting, please!

Shouting is fun. Hopefully in these fractured times that’s something we can all agree on.

Right, that’s all for today. The Wales game looms. We’ll be watching it through our fingers, sweaty palmed and tense, giddy with glee at the newness of it all. It can’t go on, can it? We shall see. Bechgyn pop lwc! And remember, if you want to show support for our badly drawn boyos, grab Helen Love’s outstanding Euro 2016 anthem RIGHT HERE, with all proceeds going to our charity appeal. Speaking of which…



£2082.38 RAISED for our charities. Incredible!

If you’ve enjoyed any of of our crummy drawings (or the accompanying rambles), please do consider popping a pound or two to our charity appeal. You’ll be a big hero, and may get a dreadful picture of yourself in return. Lucky you, eh?

Until tomorrow,

Sian & Alex

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