Euro 2016 – Day 26


The semi-finals start tomorrow. Wales are playing Portugal. Wales. Wales are in a semi-final. In the football! It still takes some getting your head round. As long-standing, long-suffering Welsh football types, we’re horribly, queasily excited. It’s really been a brilliant journey. And, like all the best improbable football journeys, it’s had a slew of accompanying Wales-flavoured Euro 2016 themed pop songs to go with it. The Manics had a go, the Super Furry Animals knocked one out the park, but our personal fave has to be this…

The excellent Helen Love with the equally excellent ‘A Boy From Wales Called Gareth Bale‘. We were lucky enough to be asked to donate an entirely rubbish drawing of the man himself for the front cover, and as of WEDNESDAY, the day of the biggest game in Wales’ history, all proceeds from the single will go to our charity appeal. So, if you haven’t donated to our charities yet (now over £2000!), why not do so and grab yourself an awesome tune in the meantime?

Moving on…

Tiny Irishman. Once again, poor Richard Keogh gets it in the neck. It’s nothing personal, honest. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, and darned handsome in reality. There’s just clearly something about his face that our clumsy fingers cannot handle.

A shoddy quartet. Impossible ears, a budget Zlatan, and two men whose hair doesn’t seem to fit in the teeny confines of our 64mm x 49mm stickers. All rubbish.

Oh dear, oh dear. A somnambulist Adrian Popa, Chris Baird after two months in the hole at Shawshank, and Vierinha looking like a nervous rodent. How can we still be this bad at drawing? The mind boggles.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to donate to our charities for that warm, fuzzy glow, either by the usual channels or by buying Helen Love’s flipping excellent catchy ear-worm Euro anthem. We can’t believe the amount we’ve managed to raise so far, we’re both absolutely made up at the generosity of you lot.




And, a frankly ridiculous £2082.38 raised. Amazing!

Oh, one more thing before we go…

589There are no words.

Check back tomorrow!

Alex & Sian

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