Euro 2016 – Day 24

One week to go. The home straight. The end in sight. Seven more days of this limbo, this purgatory, our ordinary lives on hold, everything shunted to one side to make room for the unceasing, supremely amateurish drawing of endless tiny men. In the past 23 days we’ve churned out over 600 hundred of the little fellas, the accuracy of our depictions ebbing and flowing gently between the extremes of “a bit rubbish” and “really, really rubbish”.


Mercifully though, you lovely lot have made the whole shebang more than worthwhile so far, digging deep and coughing up for our charities to the tune of over £1800 so far. We’re beyond chuffed that so many of you have taken the time and given up your hard-earned pennies to donate, so enormous thanks to all who have. And if you haven’t, you know what to do…

Right, on to today’s apologies. First off, Juan Mata, wearing the clenched grimace of a man who has just found out Jose Mourinho is about to sell him for the second time in three years. Poor bloke. Pawel Olkowski chews thoughtfully having escaped the worst of our clumsiness, unlike  Yann Sommer whose part surfer-dude, part botox-victim visage is genuinely upsetting.

Romanians! Remember Romania? They were in the tournament for ten seconds what feels like about two thousand years ago… so many teams seemed to disappear from the group stage without so much as a whimper. Good job we’re here to capture their indignity for ever in teeny, tiny 64mm x 22mm rectangles.

The appallingly sinister Sehiy Rybalka straight up gives me the willies, his piercing stare boring straight into my soul, which quite frankly I could do without, thank you very much. I much prefer the slovenly charm of Oleg Kuzmin, though it’s hard to believe that this is the demeanour (and jowly chin) of a professional footballer.


Weeee! Here’s the, er, “Official” logo of Panini, the sticker guys who have been kind enough to not yet send us a cease-and-desist letter. We’re going to assume they’re a lovely bunch, who don’t mind us using tin foil, felt tips and clumsiness to appropriate their iconic trademark. Shame he’s shinned it, though. Probably went out for a throw-in.


That’s all for today, please keep on making us laugh on Twitter with your ongoing gentle ridicule of our hopeless doodles. We’re also on Facebook too, if that’s more your thing. And most importantly, PLEASE do think about donating to our charities, we’ll be drawing our top 100 donors, meaning there’s still some slots very much up for grabs if you want to be Paninified by our untrustworthy hands…



£1866.13 raised! You lot are great.

Until tomorrow…

Sian & Alex



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