Euro 2016 – Day 23

Ah, the weekend is upon us again, meaning another two days of utterly failing to mow the lawn, choosing instead to spend our precious, hard-won hours of rest up to our elbows in Romanians, Slovakians, Albanians, Croatians and so on, and so on, and so on…

We’ve been busy, this much is true. We thought we’d try and gee ourselves up for tonight’s Germany vs Italy quarter final by bodging together some of Panini’s “hero” stickers for each team. As you can see, poor Thomas Muller didn’t come out of too well. Although he arguably fared a little better than Gigi Buffon…

This really pains us. In reality, Gigi Buffon is without question one of the most beautiful human beings alive. What a shame we’ve reduced him to such a shambles.

Moving on, here’s some of Buffon’s tiny team-mates, all uniformly dreadful.

Ah, this is much more in our comfort zone. Rubbish beards, chinless, gap-toothed mannequins, and and Aleksandr Kerzhakov apparently trying to flee from having his picture drawn. One more second and he’d have disappeared out of frame entirely.

What’s this? This indistinct shape, merely hinting at the existence of something that might offer even the vaguest suggestion of Martin Olsson. Francois Moubandje is a little more defined, though his jaw seems in danger of detaching from his head enirely.

Lastly today, we bring you a tale of decaying motor skills and bitter recriminations, as one of us, sleep-deprived and brain-furred by doing nothing but draw stickers for 23 days, sloshed tea over a stoic and unflinching Josh Magennis. Obviously, a blazing row followed. We’ll update you tomorrow regarding whether we’re talking to each other again.



And, get this: a wonderful £1817.38 raised for our charities. If you’ve enjoyed (by which we mean laughed at) any of our drawings over the past three-and-a-bit weeks, please do consider donating to our good causes. You’ll help make this descent into madness worthwhile, AND if you’re in our top 100 donations, we’ll draw you too. Badly. Like, really badly…

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