Euro 2016 – Day 22

Okay, we’re going to cut to the chase: it’s currently half-time in the Wales v Belgium game, meaning the pair of us are ever so slightly distracted by on-pitch events, just for once. We want to draw, we need to draw, but tearing ourselves away from this match to attend to our doodling duties is one sacrifice too far. BUT, we’ve tried to be extra busy this afternoon, meaning there are at least a few freshly rendered shambles for you to avert your gaze from…

A peculiarly squashed Constantin Budescu, a bit like one of those square watermelons that get grown in perspex cubes. Sime Vrsaljko is as bland and inoffensive as unbuttered toast. Raphael Varana is that rarest of things, a picture drawn by us that makes the subject look like a fairly pleasant sort. No funny angles, no boggle-eyes, and his face is even broadly symmetrical. We must be losing our touch.

I know Diego Costa has had a hard life, I know he’s no oil painting in reality, but we’ve subjected him to some cruel and unusual treatment here. Feeling pretty bad about it, to be honest. Chris Brunt gets off relatively lightly in comparison.


Words fail me. Pure awfulness.

Okay, we’re off. As we may have mentioned, Wales are playing and oh-oh-oh-my-word-they’ve-just-gone-2-1-ahead-gotta-go-bye…



And… £1754.88 raised so far for our charities. We don’t have time today to think of creative ways to beg for donations, so let’s just leave it at this: DONATE DONATE DONATE DONATE! We’ll probably draw a picture of you and everything.


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