Euro 2016 – Day 21

Hooray, the football is back tonight, making it ever so slightly easier for us to explain to people what we’re doing and why. We’re still met with blank looks or outright incredulity, but being able to at the very least point at the TV and shout “Them, we’re drawing THEM” is better than nothing. And of course, it’s all for charity too, so hey, why not donate?

Right, time is short so let’s get to it with a quick round up of today’s abominations. A bad ventriloquist dummy of Iker Casillas, Vyacheslav Shevchuk with an entirely skewed head-to-face area ratio, and a rather queasy looking Ondrej Duja, who might just about to be sick.

Marco Veratti looks exactly nothing like Marco Veratti. Shay Given has a head like a loaf of poorly risen bread, while Vladimir Darida has wandered in from that bit at the end of Miss Marple where she gathers everyone in the deducing chamber to explain who killed Cornelia in the boathouse.

Shiny shiny shiny. Does anyone know how to photograph tin foil? Me neither.

Drawing these “hero” stickers is a bit of a pain. Petr Cech there with the perfect face for watching the news for the past week…

Guzmics is vague, Zielinski is vague, Ekdal is chewing a wasp, and poor Sebastian Mila has been reduced to a gurning travesty. Apologies to one and all.

That’s all for today, check back tomorrow! The home straight is in sight…



AND, over £1700 now raised for our charities! You’re all a big bunch of heroes. And if you haven’t donated yet, and would like to (and possibly get yourself immortalised on a crummy sticker drawn by us), then GO HERE AND DO A NICE THING.


Alex & Sian


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