Euro 2016 – Day 20

Stickers. Stickers. Must draw stickers. So tired. So hungry. No time for proper sleep. No time to cook real food. Five hours a night of fitful, restless slumber, staggered with bleakly vivid dreams of Jamie Vardy’s mouse-eyed face. Reheated fajita mix for dinner, yet again. Our neighbours must be worried – the back garden has gone full Jumanji. They know we’re not on holiday, they see us coming and going to and fro in increasingly dishevelled states of physical and mental disrepair. We’re tired, so very tired of drawing, and feeling a little bit overwhelmed, truth be told.


If we had a cat, it would be dead by now.

So what do we do? We carry on. We carrying on putting crayon to paper, churning out our scruffy little misshapen doppelgangers, because you lot have been nice enough to keep on donating to our charities (damn you), keeping us keeping on. If you haven’t yet, please do consider donating, you’ll be helping some truly excellent causes and stopping the pair of us from losing the will to live as this existence-dominating odyssey enters the home straight.

So, what have we today? Oguzhan Ozyakup squints imperceptibly, frozen, like a man who has walked ten paces away from his car and has just realised his keys are inside. Ilkay Gundogan grimaces in distaste at his distorted, slack-jawed rendering, while Bernardo Silva we somehow managed to have drawn mid-sneeze.

Baines and Chipciu, the boggle-eyed twins. Bear in mind these stickers are only 64mm long in reality, so the odd misplaced pupil is, we feel, an acceptable level of collateral damage. There’s also human smudge Stanislav Sestak, and poor jug-eared David Pavelka, who looks more than a little like 80s kids’ TV nightmare ‘Pob‘.

Just a terrible collection of drawings. Garmash is a nervous child, Diarra a bearded thumbprint. A pursed and pouty Lukas Hinterseer channels a faint echo of Cameron Diaz…

That’s all for today, mercifully the football is back on tomorrow, to provide us with at least a flimsy film of context for this madness. The good news is that we’re past the 500 sticker mark, meaning less than 300 to go, though with only suddenly not-that-long-at-all left to do it. Check back tomorrow for some quarter-final love, a whole pile of rubbish stickers, and more half-arsed sleep-deprived waffling.



Aaaaaand, we are past the £1600 mark with our charity donations. Wonderful news! If you’d like a sticker OF YOU, then donate donate donate!

Until tomorrow…

Sian & Alex

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