Euro 2016 – Day 18

Our lives are in ruins. Day after day of broken promises, friends stood-up, appointments missed, loved-ones neglected, meals unfinished. Our tiny lawn is knee-high, plates pile up in the kitchen. We haven’t known the touch of a fresh towel for what seems like forever.

Because there’s no time. There’s no time for anything. Because we’re drawing…always drawing…

And we’re still rubbish. We really are magnificently resistant to improvement. Excuse us if we take a little perverse pride in that.

Oh my. As we speak, England are 2-1 down to Iceland. That’s flipping strange. Here’s Iceland’s starting XI, who by the time you read this may or may not have earned themselves a place on the history books. Blimey.

Jakob Jantscher as a cut-price Tormund from Game of Thrones. Mad-eyed Łukasz Szukała and bog-brush haired Ján Durica complete a grotesque triptych.

Rubbish. Who knew John Stones was a 9 year old boy with measles?

Oh, we’ve finally got round to drawing some of the snazzy super-super ‘hero’ stickers that Panini have seen fit to adorn this year’s album with. We thought we’d start with Wayne Rooney, seeing as England are playing today…


The results are genuine, 100% pure grade-A nightmare fuel.

Right, might treat ourselves to watching the last 20 minutes of England’s torture against Iceland. Really, what is going on…?



£1579.88 raised! If you haven’t already, and you’d like a picture OF YOU, drawn by our own trembling, talentless hands, then DONATE!

Until tomorrow…

Sian & Alex


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