Euro 2016 – Day 17


How was your Sunday? Have a nice lie-in, did you? Maybe a late breakfast over the papers? Nice stroll in the sunshine? Trip to the garden centre? Did you catch-up on that DIY you’ve been putting off? Or curl up with a box-set and while away the afternoon? What did you do for food? Sunday roast, was it? Lamb? Beef? All the trimmings? I bet the gravy was lovely. Made it yourself, did you? No Bisto for you, yeah?


But it’s alright. We’re okay. No, really. We’re fine. We’re soldiering on. We’re powering through. Our noses are to the grindstone. There’s elbow grease everywhere, or something. Because we’re past halfway now, and that enormous, teetering pile of blank stickers is shrinking by the hour. Our 400th sticker was met with a subdued but steely high-five between the two of us: we’re going to make it, we keep telling ourselves. AND, as long as you massive heroes keep digging deep for our charities, it’ll all be worth it. So if you haven’t donated yet: BE EXCELLENT AND DO IT NOW. Although be warned, it’ll mean we might end up drawing your face too. Yep, even that bit.

But what of today’s scribblings? Well, we start with Marcelo Brozovic looking alarmed, Daniele De Rossi looking Daniele De Shevelled, and Yaroslav Rakitskiy looking – according to Twitter – a bit like Boy George. Feel especially bad for De Rossi’s treatment here, as our rendering makes it look like he’s been dragged backwards through a hedge, or spent a night in Paris with Northern Ireland’s fans.

It may not have escaped your attention that Croatia’s Ivan Perisic had his national flag dyed into the side of his head prior to their game last night… well, as our treatment of Marouane Fellaini’s new hairdo proved, the best bit about drawing your own Panini album is keeping it up to date…

That took a lot longer than it should have.

Ah, always had a bit of a thing for Moussa Dembele, so it’s a shame we’ve bodged him so horribly here. Laszlo Kleinheisler is yet another unfortunate victim of our accidental bobble-head treatment, while Michal Pazdan has apparently done us the honour of donning full make-up.

Lastly today, just what is going on with Slovakia and their mohawk fetish? There must be easier ways of fostering team unity, is all we’re saying.

And, that’s your lot for today. Check back tomorrow, PLEASE donate to our charities, and enjoy what little remains of your weekend. But when you’re watching that seventh episode of Netflix-fodder, just spare a little thought for us…



And, get this: £1548.63 raised for our charities. Ace!

Until tomorrow,

Sian & Alex

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