Euro 2016 – Day 16

The weekend. We’re huge fans of the weekend, as a rule. Lots of loafing around on the sofa and eating crisps. Heavenly. Not this weekend though, not when there’s money to raise via the amateurish drawing of legions of tiny men. But it’s okay, our purgatory is a little less unbearable than it has been, as a few nice things have popped up to brighten our day. First off, those lovely guys at Sky Sports Italia (I guess) did a wee thing about us here… we haven’t dared to run it through Google translate yet, so we’ll choose to assume that they say that our artistic skills are extraordinary and our drawings staggeringly lifelike. Yep, let’s just go with that.

Ah, we just caved and translated it.

A foolish enterprise with a noble purpose : the two are actually collecting money for charity , inviting their supporters to cheer for them and to donate to a worthy cause like breast cancer research

A foolish enterprise with a noble purpose? Been trying to sum all this up this succinctly for weeks. So thanks!

IMG_9148 (1)

The other nice thing that happened was we were sent a tray of cake by a lovely well-wisher, who (correctly) assumed that with all this drawing nonsense taking over lives, we probably weren’t managing to feed ourselves. So enormous thanks, Barbara Wallis! These taste ace.

But anyway, enough frivolity, we’re here for the excruciatingly serious business of drawing footballers really, really badly. A thoroughly dodgy start here, Volkan Babacan looking like a bearded baby, and his team-mate Selcuk Inan’s eyebrows have been imported from a Mr Potato Head. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered how we draw these guys so consistently badly, the vid below shoes us how our version of Dries Mertens came to look like a smarmy villain from a forgettable episode of Miss Marple.

Gah, just appalling. Niall McGinn’s apparently tear-streaked, red-eyed visage seems poignant in light of Northern Ireland’s heartbreak earlier. Hakan Balta’s nose and mouth are pointing in opposite directions. And then we have Erkan Zengin… I mean, I don’t really know what to say, other than that seven hundred espressos is probably too many.


That’s all for today. If you haven’t already, please consider donating to our charities, you’ll feel flipping amazing about yourself if you do. And remember, our top 100 donations will earn themselves their very own Panini Cheapskate of their very own face, drawn really, really terribly by our very own hands.

16 days in, 14 days to go.



And, here’s the best bit: £1418.63 raised so far. If you’ve donated, you’re an absolute marvel.

Until tomorrow…

Sian & Alex


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