Euro 2016 – Day 15

Worry. Panic. Fear of failure. These are the sensations washing over us, assailing us from all sides. TWENTY-SEVEN stickers to draw every single day, for thirty days. Twenty seven fiddly little unwilling sods to cajole haphazardly onto paper.

Like these fellas. Awful aren’t they? That’s what happens when you don’t know how to draw, AND have to rush. We’re falling behind. Our insufferable friends and their infuriating wedding, marooning us in the middle of nowhere with only the scantest of access to adequate drawing facilities, have left us more than a little up against it.

So poleaxed are we by time constrains that we even tried drawing in the car in the way here. Have you ever tried drawing in a moving car? It’s an excellent way to create a picture of no artistic value while simultaneously making you want to vomit yourself inside out. Poor Gareth McAuley was our Panini Roadshow guinea pig. He didn’t come out of it too well.

Moving on, slim pickings today as, you may have noticed, we’re a little pushed for time. Olexander Kucher is a nervous wreck, while Migjen Basha simply does not look anything like a professional footballer, or indeed a professional anything. He looks more like a profoundly unscrupulous used car salesman.

Dear me. A heavily sedated Vincent Kompany, Simon Church looking like a burly dormouse, and the unsettling intensity and maniacal grin of Anatoliy Tymoschuk, who probably has his own graphic novel origin story in the pipeline.


That’s your lot for today, though, much like the footy, we’ll be back with an enormous grab-bag sized portion tomorrow. At least I hope we will, or else our chances of finishing this stupidity on time may just disappear over the horizon…





Check back tomorrow, and DONATE if you haven’t already!

Sian & Alex


3 thoughts on “Euro 2016 – Day 15

  1. I tried once to draw in a moving train – well, if you wanna use it as a basis for a more complex and better drawing it works just fine. Really nothing great, but alright. But if you wanna draw a landscape you re passing by or a passenger you re seated next to, you can forget about it.


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