Euro 2016 – Day 14


Busy busy busy. Despite a heartbreaking absence of actual football games to distract us, we’ve started falling ever-so-slightly behind. 27 stickers a day was always going to be a big ask, what with work and real life and – and we cannot stress this enough – our incredibly inconsiderate friends selfishly insisting on getting married this weekend. But anyway, not to grumble.

*grumbles intermittently*

With no games today, we were kind of at a loss as to who to draw next, so we asked our lovely Twitter followers to suggest some requests, resulting in these abominations. Juanfran, who I’m fairly sure is a professional footballer in real life, is re-imagined here as a wizened, elderly man. If the sticker was long enough, I assume a cane or zimmer frame would be in shot. Johann Gudmundsson and his piercing ex-forces stare put the fear of God into us. He’s seen things, man. And apologies to Stuart Dallas for the hobo makeover.

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating… these skinny little stickers are an absolute pain in the nether regions to draw, and even more annoying to stick in. Still,they provide a whole new category of picture for us to fail to replicate, hence Jonny Williams’ bobble-head and Martin Skrtel’s cavernous maw.

Shirokov? Melancholy.
Milik? Smug.
Digne? Gormless.
Zhirkov? Just back from his gap year.
Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco? May want to switch to decaf.


Right, that’s all from us today. Keep on spreading the word if you’d be so kind, the more people read this nonsense the more people will hopefully DONATE TO OUR CHARITIES, hint hint hint hint hint.



And, yes sir, a massively pleasing £1,370.63 raised so far. Amazing. If you haven’t donated yet, and our rubbish, wonky doodles have raised a chuckle from you even once throughout this silliness, then do consider popping a couple of quid our way. It’s for a pair of wonderful causes, and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself, AND if you’re in our top 100 donations you’ll get a rubbish sticker OF YOU at the end of it. Yeah!

Check back tomorrow!

Sian & Alex



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