Euro 2016 – Day 13

We’re tired. We’re tired of drawing. We’re tired of of pens and pencils. We’re tired of rubbers and pencil sharpeners. We’re tired of staring at tiny pictures of men, trying and failing to commit their likenesses to tiny stickers. We’re tired of waking up and drawing while eating Coco Pops. We’re tired of sitting nervously at work knowing that there’s a teetering pile of blank stickers waiting for us at home demanding to have rubbish drawings scribbled on them. We’re tired of trying desperately to live normal lives while spending a combined 8-10 hours a day between the two of us on this fool’s errand. We’re tired of our friends infuriatingly insisting on getting married this weekend, robbing us of a precious evening of drawing. We’re tired. In short, we feel a little like this guy:

BUT, it’s okay. It’s all okay. We’re doing this for a reason, and that reason is to raise money for two charities we’re awfully fond of. So, before we babble on, and if you haven’t already, please pop along and donate to our appeal, it’ll make this whole shebang worthwhile and you’ll be helping some ace causes. AND, if you’re in our top 100 donations when Euro2016 finishes, we’ll draw YOUR face. Badly.

Moving on, here’s the first of today’s disasterpieces. Emil Halfredsson has clearly been the victim of some unusual, invasive and doubtless illegal medical procedure, his towering Easter-Island-statue cranium bulging grotesquely. Genuinely a bit worried that via the wonderful world of Twitter he might end up seeing this picture and come looking for us. We’re double-locking the front door tonight. Max Kruse has recieived similarly harsh treatment from our shoddy pencilwork, reduced to some kind of gurning sub-Crouch marionette.

I’m sure our skills are regressing. Today’s hero Balazs Dzudzsak’s mouth is on upside down. Ireland’s Jeff Hendrick looks like the kind of fresh-faced, wide-eyed scamp that turns Louie Walsh’s pupils into comedy dollar signs, while Serdar Aziz is (one would assume) amongst the two or three most ginger men in Turkey.

All awful, obviously. Quite fond of Thomas Vermaelen and his octagonal head, and James McCarthy, who appears to have had his trumpet stolen.


Genuinely a teeny, tiny bit proud of that dragon. We’ll never look at tin foil the same way.

Right, we’re off. More drawing to do, more moaning at each other to endure, and more football on the telly to mostly ignore because we have to colour in Rui Patricio’s face or something.




Check back tomorrow,

Alex & Sian


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