Euro 2016 – Day 12

It’s been a lovely day. While we basked in the glow of Wales qualifying, some French guys wrote some nice words about us here. As ever, Google translate has given us the odd unintentional chuckle: “The ugliest Panini stickers in the world sold for a good cause“, etc etc… thanks guys!

To be fair though, they have a point. I mean, that looks almost, but not entirely, unlike Cesc Fabregas. We’ve reduced Akos Elek to the state of a distressed Charlie Adam. Pontus Wernbloom’s rictus grin serves only to distract from his impossibly excellent name.

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Koke’s mile-wide eyes betray profound trauma, buried deep within his wispy-chinned head. Bruno Alves looks exactly like Danny Trejo.

Blimey, Croatia are just about to beat Spain by the looks of things. That gives us the perfect excuse to unveil this: presenting “Vedran Corluka: A Man Of Many Hats.”

For the uninitiated, the poor bloke bust his head open in each of Croatia’s first two games, and has since run through a veritable gamut of increasingly insane headgear in a bit to stem the flow. Get well soon Vedran.

That’ll have to be all for this evening, as (whisper it) we’re slightly in danger of falling beyond. These little guys won’t draw themselves…



And as ever, if you haven’t donated to our charities yet, please do!

Check back soon,

Sian & Alex





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