Euro 2016 – Day 11

You’ll have to excuse us if today’s blog seems a little unfocused, but Wales are currently 2-0 up against Russia, which is really quite extraordinarily exciting-oh-my-God-oh-my-God-just-hang-on-guys-it’s-only-half-an-hour-come-on-come-on-come-on…

Not a good start here to today’s shower of shoddiness. Nathaniel Clyne looks like an old shoe, Costel Pantilimon like a malnourished chipmunk. As for Stephen Ward, we’re truly sorry. Really. Someone suggested on Twitter earlier that we’re drawing deliberately badly… let us assure you that this is not the case. At 27 stickers per evening, we don’t have time to make them deliberately bad or, for that matter, deliberately good. They just happen, and if that means Stephen Ward has the boggle-eyed squint of a serial killer’s mugshot, then so be it.

The sickly pallor of Andi Lila fills us with nausea. James Milner looks like he’s hiding a 50p inside his mouth but in front of his teeth. Then there’s Radja Nainggolan, who is calmly exercising his inalienable right to turn up for the Panini photoshoot with an iced gem on his head. That’s entirely up to him of course-oh-my-God-Wales-have-scored-it’s-three-nil-it’s-three-nil-it’s-three-nil-what-is-happening…

Another day of dodgy drawing in the bag, from the icy cool of Ashley Richards to the mournful sorrow buried deep behind the eyes of Conor McLaughlin. This undertaking is more or less dominating our lives at this point, but your donations coming in is making it all worth it. Many thanks if you’ve already donated to our charities, and if you haven’t – and would like a wonky sticker drawn of YOU by US – then pull your finger out and do your good deed for the day right here.



Thanks all, and keep on spreading the word!

Sian & Alex

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