Euro 2016 – Day 10


Sunday. The day of rest. The day to have a lie-in, to eat toast, and to relax. Or, the day of wanting to rest, wanting to have a lie-in and to eat toast and relax, but you can’t rest or have a lie-in or eat toast or relax because you’ve got to draw loads of tiny Albanians, Ukrainians and Austrians. But, happily, as we slowly plod our way through this never-ending morass of wonky doodles, your donations keep coming in, making the whole shebang more than worthwhile. If you’ve not donated, please do, you’ll feel ACE.

So, what have we got today? Andre Schurrle raises an affronted eyebrow at our efforts, his Shoreditch quiff looming skywards, while Jon Walters stares with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. And then, from our nascent comic book villain collection, comes Artur “Why so serious?” Jedrzejczyk, who likely wants you to know how he got those scars

If you imagine Patrice Evra and Yevhen Seleznyou are facing each other, maybe seperated only by the glass of an isolated rural phone box, then their expressions make a lot more sense.

Shiny fun. We realised way too late that the Irish one looks a bit like they’re fighting. “Leave it, he’s not worth it…” etc etc.

Just a complete shambles here. From Ross Barkley re-imagined as a freckly boy scout to Claudiu Kesuru’s sub-Chuckle-Brother moustache/ear combo, this is a fairly good cross-section of the awfulness we’re churning out. But still, onward we will stumble…

10 days down, 20 to go…



And, amazingly, £1220.63 raised so far for our charities. We can’t thank you all enough.

Check back tomorrow, and if you haven’t already, tell a pal about this stupid quest, and badger them our rubbish drawings until they donate. They won’t thank you, but we will.

Sian & Alex

FullSizeRender (1)

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