Euro 2016 – Day 9

Hello! Just a quick one today, as real life is doing that getting-in-the-way thing that it tends to do sometimes. Remember life? Real life? That thing we used to do before we spent every waking moment drawing tiny men…? Ah, it was great.

Here we go then, churned out in a panic as Ireland had rings run around them by the Belgians, several of whom are reproduced here for your delectation and/or pity. Obviously drawing a ‘fro as plush and bushy as Axel Witsel’s is a joy, a chance to explore the outer reaches of the teeny tiny rectangles we commit these guys to, and a merciful break from the shaved-at-the-sides plague that seems to account for 98% of the players at the Euros. More afros please, everybody. Stephan El Shaarawy’s bog brush and Jan Vertonghen’s Wing Commander parting are similarly exciting. Really, with 200 stickers drawn in the last week and a bit, anything that provides a bit of variety is a godsend.

As you can see, today’s efforts were ever so slightly compromised by time. Hence Aiden McGeady’s mango glow and the somewhat half-finished look to Florian Klein’s poor, neglected face. Quite proud of our Christian Fuchs, though. Did you know he’s amazing at Rock-Paper-Scissors? True fact, look it up.

Apologies for the brevity today, but finding a balance between drawing rubbish pictures all day and writing about drawing rubbish pictures all day is surprisingly tricky. Back tomorrow though with more sketchy sketches.



Incensed by the rubbishness of these pictures? Great! Donate to our charities and we might draw one of you.


Alex & Sian


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