Euro 2016 – Day 8

IMG_8927 (1)

Eight days in. Nearly 200 stickers in the book. The football – the actual living, breathing football that we’d dearly love to watch – bumbles along in our peripheral vision, providing a steady background hum to our endless wonky scribbling. Our forefingers are stained every colour of the rainbow, courtesy of innumerable pen lid removals, replacements, removals, replacements, removals…

Well, this is not a strong start. Ivan Perisic’s face droops ever downwards, soon to dribble completely clear of his head and plop apologetically onto his boots. Poor Andreas Iniesta’s down-turned chops give him an air of the deep-sea fish, one of those freaky ones with a little light-up lure thing on top of their heads. Maybe he could style his hair island into something similar. Then… THEN, we have Pylyp Budkivskiy. Jesus. His demented grin and unsmiling eyes chill the marrow. Brrrr.

Good God, Vedran Corluka looks preposterously handsome, a textbook non-threatening Disney prince of a man. Swoon. Jerome Boateng grimaces in horror at the mess we’ve made of what was originally quite a smiley, happy face. And then we have poor Tomas Rosicky, of the ironed-on hair and pronounced bum-chin. Sorry Tomas.

Lastly today, there’s this shower of bobbins. What the hell is going on with Jakub Blaszczykowski is anyone’s guess – I think we were going for “no-nonsense tough guy” but arrived instead at a severely constipated Guile from Streetfighter II. Robbie Brady winces with apprehension as a pair of rare caterpillars prepare to mate on his forehead, or they might just be eyebrows, we’re not sure. We’re also not sure about how long David Lafata has been holding his breath. Judging by his expression and complexion, we’re betting somewhere around the 90 second mark.

That’s all for today, but here’s a great thing: we’re only eight days into this silly challenge, but we’ve already raised £1088.13 for our charities. We’re genuinely amazed and properly thrilled that so many of you have been nice enough to donate, you’re all flipping heroes. REMEMBER, if you haven’t donated yet, our top 100 donors will get their very own rubbish drawing of their very own face. Go on, donate, we dare you…





£1088.13 RAISED.

Thanks, check back soon!

Sian & Alex

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