Euro 2016 – Day 7


It’s been an odd day. Events in the real world make nonsense like our undertaking even more nonsensical, but at the heart of what we’re doing here – this ridiculous splurge of misshapen, dishevelled little football men – is us trying to do a little something good, to raise money for a couple of things we feel are important. If you’d like to help us make all this worthwhile, your donation would be a wonderful thing.

So, what dross have we churned out today? Here’s a few samples from our veritable smorgasbord of rubbisness. Jonas Hector’s featureless spread of teeth, a single enamel gum-shield wedged in his gob, brings to mind an impossibly naive but mustard-keen wannabe boxer, wandering happily across the ring, gloves gamely raised, towards certain but completely unforeseen unconsciousness. But still, at least – for now – he’s happy. Giorgio Chellini on the other hand wears the resigned “just-got-home” expression of a man who routinely gets in from work to find his dog has eaten yet another pair of his shoes.

Toni Kroos as a twelve year old boy, there. Hints of General Zod in the squat beardedness of Arlind Ajeti. Bastian Schweinsteiger grins happily, his magnificent Tuetonic jaw jutting right into your face. Juraj Kucka’s hair disappears ever upwards, for all we know it’s still going, far beyond the petty confines of his 49mm x 66mm Panini sticker. And then there’s poor Craig Cathcart, who’s watery eyes and gaunt cheeks make him looks positively sickly.

That’ll have to do for this evening, although we’ve finished our first “First XI” of a team, which just happens to be today’s heroic losers, Wales. So have a peek at a slightly dizzying little compilation of their line-up from this afternoon.



£915.00 raised so far for our charities! DONATE HERE! And remember, top 100 donations get their very own Panini Cheapskate sticker in a kit of their choice.

Thanks, check back soon.

Alex & Sian

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