Euro 2016 – Day 5


Well, that was fun.

Iceland, eh? It’s simply not a major tournament without at least one game of Ronaldo stropping around pulling that pained grimace of frustration, and all the better that it should be against some of the supposed minnows. Unfortunately we couldn’t actually spend too much time smirking at Portugal’s travails, given that we spent the game drawing the participants really, really badly. See?

What a shambles. Moutinho has lipstick on his teeth, Nani has been crushed into a 16:9 aspect ratio. Kolbeinn Sigthorsson is doing that infuriating looking-sideways thing that we always struggle with (hence the apparent loss of his left arm), while Rui Patricio’s facial hair looks less like a beard than some kind of voracious alien spore, sprawling from his chin and soon to threaten all life on Earth. Possibly. At least our incredibly hasty Birkir Bjarnason, dashed off in the minutes following his goal, seems to make up for in fire-&-ice flamboyance what it lacks in, y’know, accuracy.

More rubbish here. Robert Almer’s pinkish beard is simply not found on any real life human. The outsize head of Seb Larsson bobs unsteadily forward, possibly about to topple off his neck entirely. We’re sure the Swede’s deft first touch, ably demonstrated this afternoon, will ensure it doesn’t get too far.

In other news, we’ve had a stab at drawing the infuriating little skinny stickers that Panini, in their infinite wisdom, have put in the album this year. Obviously we don’t deal in real stickers, but we’ve overheard grumbling that they’re a pain to stick in. Well let us assure you, drawing them is a flipping nightmare. Especially if you can’t draw.


IMG_8821 (1)

Day 5 is at an end…



AND, £867.50 raised so far for our charities. Thanks!

Check back tomorrow,

Alex & Sian

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