Euro2016 – Day 4

Monday. The first day where we’ve really had to combine real life (actual jobs, proper work and that) with our nascent sticker drawing nonsensical charity quest. So that meant a torturous 9-5 day of not being able to draw. And with every minute spent in real work, not drawing, the number of rubbish squiggles we knew we’d need to plough through this evening grew exponentially…

Which means tonight’s gallery is, if anything, even more of a debacle than usual. Feast your eyes.

The dot-eyed, White Walker stare of Andreas Isaksson, his lifeless, mismatched peepers gazing simultaneously at and through you. The plastic smirk of Wes Hoolahan, Marcus Berg’s iron filing proto-beard and – dear lord, the adolescent aloofness of the child-like Kevin de Bruyne. Yes, even by our standards this is a rare old shambles.

And now, a parade of goalkeepers:

Unfortunately, none of them look anything like who they’re supposed to. Hmm. We’ve always been awfully fond of Buffon, so it pains us to have reduced him to a Panini version of Super Hans from Peep Show. Shame.

As you might have noticed, we’ve tried wherever possible to draw whoever’s hit the headlines – with the greatest respect to Wes Hoolahan, he wouldn’t have been near the top of our “to do” list otherwise – so we made sure we had Marouane Fellaini ready to go in plenty of time before Belgium took to the stage today. But then, a few people pointed out that the afro’d Belgian elbow-merchant had bleached his trademark bird’s nest, making Panini’s sticker – and ours – somewhat out of date. Obviously we couldn’t let this stand…


Moving on, we’ve been at the tin foil again…

High-fives all round for Italy, and those little Slovakians look flipping thrilled. While we’re on the subject, if anyone knows a way of photographing tin foil that doesn’t look rubbish, get in touch on Twitter



And, best of all, £821.25 raised for our charities. Hey, why not GO DONATE, and we might just end up drawing you.

Thanks! Check back soon.

Sian & Alex


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