Euro 2016 – Day 3

Day three. Drawing, drawing, drawing…

We’re sort of into the swing of things now, back in the strange, dreamlike routine of doing all the normal things you do of an evening, but while unthinkingly drawing at the same time: chatting while drawing, eating while drawing, watching telly while drawing. The living room rug is thick with pencil shavings. Shards of tin foil disappear down the back of the sofa, presumably until the end of time itself…

Speaking of tin foil, we’ve churned out our first batch of shinies. And they’re predictably pretty ropey.

I think that’s Thomas Muller in the middle for Germany, dwarfed by something that was supposed to be Mats Hummels but looks a little more like Mr Spock. The Poles look pretty happy – Lewandowski showing everyone the way to the gun show.

Oh, there’s also this:


We present: Richard Keogh. Possible guy-liner aficionado, possible thousand-yard-stare ‘Nam veteran, or maybe just a dog who wants a cupcake.


Moving on, we’ve also bodged the following mess-ups:

Joe Hart there, possibly with too much Head and not enough Shoulders. Damagoj Vida looks unerringly like Vigo The Carpathian from Ghostbusters II (“He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!”). We’ve quickly grown very fond of the collared smock shirt-things modelled by Taulant Xhaka and his Albanian chums, there’s a faint whiff of Renaissance cardinal about them.

So yes, drawing, drawing and more drawing. Life is strange – strange enough, in fact, for us to be asked to draw the cover for a Wales Euro2016 anthem by the excellent Helen Love about a boy from Wales called Gareth Bale. The song is called, appropriately, ‘A Boy From Wales Called Gareth Bale‘ and, if you’re so inclined, you can have a watch of their awesome vid, easily the catchiest Euro2016 song we’ve had the fortune to hear, (though we are quite also partial to ‘Bing Bong’ by the Super Furry Animals.)

Right, back to it. We’re very happy to be able to say that three days into our quest we’ve already raised well over £700 for our charities, which is wonderful news. BUT, even more than that would be lovely. So, if you enjoy this blog, or our Twitter stuff, or if you think we’re geniuses or idiots or that we have too much time on our hands (we can assure you that at present this is very much untrue), then please do dig deep and DONATE to our chosen charities, you’ll be helping two excellent causes and giving us the motivation we need to keep on scrawling these appalling little doodles. Thanks!




Sian & Alex


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