Euro 2016 – Day 2

Well, that was fun. Day 1 of Euro2016 washed over us in a haze of tea and pencil shavings, the BBC wrote a very nice article about our charity appeal, and we managed – while trying our best to keep one eye on the opening France v Romania game – to churn out the following disastrous Panini renderings of the evening’s participants.

Yep, there’s plenty wrong with most of these. Poor Blaise Matuidi. He does have a fairly pointy head in reality, but nothing compared to what we’ve done to him. Ovidiu Hoban seems to share the affliction, the poor little mite. Anthony Griezmann grins away in the manner of the world’s most self-satisfied man,  while Anthony Martial tries gamely to hide a Twix lodged in his mouth sideways.

We also drew this:


We’d been quite looking forward to drawing Harry Kane. He’s got a good face. What we hadn’t quite intended was for him to look like (according to Twitter) a vampire, a haunted marionette, Kiefer Sutherland in Stand By Me, or “an angry almond.” Ah well, sorry Harry.




AND, best of all, over £500 already raised for charity already. Remember, donate HERE to support Cancer Research UK and MacIntyre charities, and if you’re in our top 100 donations at the end of Euro2016 you’ll get a Panini Cheapskate of your very own face.

Thanks for reading, check back soon!

Sian & Alex



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