Euro 2016 – Day 1

Today’s the day.


Euro2016 kicks off this evening, meaning the start of our charity Panini sticker drawing odyssey. Two people who can’t draw, drawing. A lot. We’re a little scared, a little apprehensive, and a little preemptively tired. The scale of this foolish undertaking has dawned on us after an evening of number crunching…

30 days.
800 stickers.
27 stickers a day.
15 minutes per sticker.
200 hours of drawing.
Zero talent.


BUT, it’ll be worth it, because we’re hoping that churning out these hopeless doodles – which people have been generally lovely about – will encourage people (and that means YOU) to dig deep and donate to our chosen charities, Cancer Research UK  and MacIntyre Charity. You can do just that HERE, and remember, our top 100 donations will get a Panini Cheapskate of their very own face. Want us to to scrawl a faintly rubbish approximation of your head? Then donate(!) and help two excellent causes.

In the run-up to the tournament, we’ve tried to get back into the dodgy sticker-drawing groove by drawing some Paninis of players from tournaments past. Those who followed our exploits during the 2014 World Cup will be pleased to see that there has been no appreciable improvement in our skills…

A very mixed bag, which doesn’t bode well. And to think, we did maybe one of these a day for the past few weeks. We have a feeling that when we start doing 27 a day, the quality may nosedive somewhat dramatically. Still, quite fond of USA Panini icon Alexi Lalas in particular.

And, so it turns out, was the man himself.


So, with our pencils sharpened and our skills blunted, off we go on our quest. Wish us luck,  donate if you can to keep us going, and – if you dare – have a look at our first batch of Euro 2016 travesties below. It begins…

Oh lord. A dreadful mess, and that’s without taking into consideration the fact we spilled burrito juice on Paul Pogba. The bulging neck of Ronaldo, the mysteriously absent chin of Robbie Keane, the piggy eyes of Ádám Szalai… if things go downhill from here (as they likely will when the chronic fatigue takes hold) then God help us.



Thanks for reading, check back later!

Sian & Alex

P.S. We’re now on Facebook & Instagram, and we’re still very much on Twitter. Say hi!



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