World Cup 2014: The Aftermath


So, what happened next? Well, the BBC did a lovely little article about us completing our quest, our local paper put us on the front page again, and the equal-parts talented and wonderful Sam King has made a film about our month-long adventure…

Yuck, hearing your own voice is no fun at all. There’s a few other things too… whisper it for now, but there’s a small chance of us finding our way into a forthcoming Panini-related book in the not-too-distant future. Madness! We’ll most certainly endeavour to keep you posted, whatever the heck comes of it. And lastly, but perhaps most-excitingly, we’re going to be exhibiting our handiwork at Fusion Arts in Oxford from Saturday 23rd August onwards, and maybe other places too. More details to follow!

Also, one final thing, and I may regret asking this, but DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY IDEAS AS TO WHAT WE SHOULD DO NEXT?

Love & stickers,

Alex & Sian



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