World Cup Day 32 (Part 3)

We did it.


We actually did it. Somehow, for some reason, the two of us, two confused and thrifty football-addled souls, actually managed to draw each and every Panini 2014 World Cup sticker, all in the month-long space of one wonderful and beguiling carnival of samba-themed ball-kicking.

We drew Germans. We drew Argentinians. We drew Brazilians, Chileans and Colombians. We drew Hondurans, Costa Ricans, Mexicans and Americans. We drew Ivorians, Nigerians, Cameroonians and Algerians. We drew Australians, we drew South Koreans, we drew Iranians. We drew Italians, Belgians and Bosnia-Herzigovans. We drew plenty of nationalities whose collective term didn’t end pleasingly in “…ians”, like the French, the Dutch, the Greeks, the Japanese, the Spaniards, the Portuguese and, of course, the hapless, always doomed English.

We drew in our house. We drew in our car. We drew at our places of work (on our lunch-breaks, naturally). We drew at our friend’s houses, we drew at barbecues, we drew in gardens, and we drew (while at hen parties) on picnic tables in Devon.

We drew while we were tired. We drew while we were sleepy. We drew while were worn-out, knackered and exhausted.

We drew and we drew and we drew, and we eventually drew each and every one of these utterly, oddly terrible pictures…

Pic23Pic31Pic42Pic60Pic114Pic90Pic86Pic113Pic1112Pic0Pic106Pic01 aaajakag aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa zzzzzz1218130 138144159149 161177171157 179188184170182204186198 203200207224 221240229268 251260276image imageimageimageimage image332340335 326355324348 346393372368391430425421439image464491503512523517527544571583 585594609647 654671687699

…and, it must be said, we had an absolutely, completely wonderful time. We had no idea when we started that our strange little project would attract such a lovely reaction from all around the world. I took a peek at the list of countries from where people have visited this blog earlier today, and it absolutely blew my tiny mind. So, whether you’ve read this blog from the first day, or stumbled on it for the first time this evening, whether you think we’re mad or sad, thrifty or miserly, geniuses or insane, whether you look on these hapless squiggles with affection, pity, joy or alarm, we can only give some very big and humble thanks. It’s been totally surreal and a whole lot of fun, but it gives me real, genuine satisfaction to say that…


Thanks so, so much for reading. A lot of people have asked where we will go from here, what we’ll do with the finished album, and what our next project will be. The answer, for now at least, is that we honestly don’t know. We (hopefully understandably) haven’t had time to think for the last month, but we’ll put our heads together (much like in the “picture” below) and try and work out what comes next.

It’s been wonderful, many many thanks to everyone who read the blog, commented, emailed, followed, tweeted, linked to us, wrote about us, wished us good luck, had kind words to say or, justifiably, mercilessly took the mickey. Thanks to all.

Check back tomorrow! See what on earth becomes of us…

Much love,
Alex & Sian



P.S. Here’s our “My Panini” pic for inside the front page of the album. Which one is worse? I’m not saying which one’s which…


6 thoughts on “World Cup Day 32 (Part 3)

  1. Congratulations Alex & Sian – you guys are awesome! Thank you for making the last few weeks not only bearable, but also very entertaining. From knowing absolutely nothing about football, I can now recognise quite a number of players, all thanks to your wonderful (?!) paninis. I’ve been following you since the first news item on the BBC news website – I can’t believe you actually did it… 😀


  2. Wow! so amazing! I’m rubbish at drawing I would never in a Million years be able to do that! So Proud of you As I’ve been following you since that very first Brazil vs Croatia match!
    London, England


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