World Cup Day 32 (Part 1)

5 HOURS TO KICK OFF, and a mere seven stickers left. Oh my. And look, those lovely guys at the BBC have done a thing about us. If you’re from the UK, that’s what your license fee is going on…

960 (2)960 (1)

Anyway, we’re nearly there! Despite an unpleasant incident involving a hangover (eventually negated by the judicious application of chocolate milk), we are it seems just about to stumble happily over the line… but not quite yet. First, we have the small matter of the World Cup Final to deal with, so, er, I’ve just bodged this together…


Awful, obviously. And probably wrong, too. I’m pretty sure Di Maria’s injured…

Never mind, here’s a quick look at some of what we’ve done since I chiselled Sian out of bed at 1pm…


The malicious squint of Noboa. The nervous glance of Matip. The muscular grimace of Schar. And oh my goodness, the saccharine sheen of Riccardo Montolivo… seriously, that man is absolutely gorgeous.

Right, that’s it for now, except to say:

Croatia? DONE.


Nigeria? DONE.


Portugal? DONE.

Just a handful to go, check back very, very soon!

Alex & Sian


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