World Cup Day 31

One day to go! It’s enough to make you feel like this:


Yes, we’re happy, because the World Cup Final kicks off in just a tiny bit over 24 hours. Blimey. And by the time tomorrow night’s referee in the Maracana parps his whistle to end the tournament, bringing to an end a month of wonderfully entertaining (so I’m told, we hardly look up from our pencils) football, then so too will our strange and baffling quest have (hopefully) reached its end. It’s been wonderful, odd, wonderfully odd, and also completely exhausting. We tried to treat ourselves to a lie-in today, which would have been a rare thing in this weirdest of months, but we just lay there muttering that we should really be downstairs drawing tiny footballers. No rest for those with a ludicrous project to complete and an arbitrary deadline to meet. Oh well, only 24 hours to go but…and do whisper it…I think we might just finish on time.


Today has been productive! 20-odd stickers in the book in super-fast time, and a lovely visit from our friend Sam who is going to make a tiny short film about our exploits. He asked us questions, drank our tea, and filmed us as we churned out the following smorgasbord of rubbishness…

618616617612615609606632634629627630 625626635628

Some choice faces, there. I’m quite a fan of Alexandros Tziolis, continuing the theme of most of the Greek players having mighty, mighty beards. Similarly, Valentin Stocker shares the smirky half-grin that most of his Swiss buddies seem to favour. How strange. Halfway through drawing Jorge Guagua, I realised I’d done that thing I repeatedly do where I draw too much head and nowhere near enough face. We’ll never learn.

623 624

Russia? DONE.

621 622

Ghana? DONE.

607 608

Netherlands? DONE.

We’re close. So close, we can taste it.. and it tastes like stickers and ink and glue and tin-foil and pencil shavings. But it still tastes good…

One day left.



Alex & Sian


One thought on “World Cup Day 31

  1. Please, please, please find somehow to publish your book- I will purchase it!!! Thank you so much for entertaining me throughout this World Cup. I thoroughly enjoyed every day of your posts. I’m mostly a lurker who doesn’t comment on anything, but I couldn’t resist!
    Unkyung from Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

    PS any ideas on know to deal with the empty feeling of saying goodbye to the World Cup and your posts???


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