World Cup Day 30

Two days to go! Tick tock, tick tock. Two days, and still we can’t rest. We’re both feeling ever so slightly like this guy…

But not to worry, we’ll muddle through somehow, no matter how large the deadline looms or how bad the drawings get. I mean, look at some of today’s offerings…


Have you ever read ‘Of Mice And Men’? If you haven’t, please do, because then you’ll know that Emanuele Giaccherini would clearly ace the audition for the part of Lenny in any half-worthy adaptation. Easy, Emanuele, put the puppy down. Speaking of which, Karim Anjarifard reminds me of a guilty dog, shuffling along near the skirting board, eyes darting in a panic of shame, as his owner arrives home to a snowstorm of shredded keepsakes and drool-soaked, formerly cherished heirlooms. Bad dog. Oh boy, here’s Jorge Valdivia, another from our burgeoning Disney Prince collection, He seems a nice sort, but a bit dopey, doubtless soon to be hoodwinked by some wily but lovable street urchin out of a pouch of shekels.


Algeria? DONE.

Oh boy, not long now. Less than two days to the grand finale, so please do stick with us till then, it’ll all be over soon…


Alex & Sian



One thought on “World Cup Day 30

  1. I have, at some expense, completed the set of Panini stickers including the 00 Panini one. On the same page as that 00 sticker is what looks like a sticker but is an ad for mypanini, a way to get a personalised sticker album, again at some expense. What I’m wondering is: if I e-mailed you a picture of me, could you do me a drawing to stick in that space ?


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