World Cup Day 29

It’s less than 60 hours to the end of the World Cup Final.

I’ll be honest, we’re getting a little stressed. But we’re so, so close to the end, that there’s just no way we can let ourselves fail now. That would be silly. Oh yes, that would be silly, whereas embarking on a quest to draw 640 Panini stickers in one month was the height of common sense. Oh well, bit late to grumble about that kind of thing. Let’s look at some tiny men…

566556 569572

Hmmmm. I can positively identify Benoit Assou-Ekoto for Cameroon, but that’s about it. I’m enjoying the hands-on-each-other’s-thighs thing being pioneered by the Spanish team. I hope it catches on. Saucy. Right, onto  some individual delights…


Moussa Dembele looks pretty damn sexy. He’s smiling with his eyes. I’ve heard it’s known as “smizing”. If it’s a thing, he’s certainly doing it brilliantly. Charming fellow. Poor Arthur Boka is doing long division in his head. By the way, he hasn’t had an emergency tracheotomy, Sian insists that there was a “defect” in the blank sticker. I’ll take her word for it. Yikes, Hassan Yebda zooms straight into the Top Ten Weirdest Looking Men In The World Cup, with his blob of macaroni cheese where a normal man would have hair. Explanations are welcome, and necessary.


Belgium? DONE.


Algeria? DONE!

Hooray, that’s all from us for now. Sorry this was a little late, (real) life got in the way a bit in the last 24 hours. BUT, we’ll be back later with another update. Promise!


Check back soon!

Alex & Sian


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