World Cup Day 28

The home stretch! Fewer than a hundred stickers to go, and yet we’re still finding new depths to plumb with our hapless ham-fistedness. I honestly don’t know whether to be upset or impressed by our steadfast resilience to improvement. It’s quite amazing. They say that practice makes perfect, but we’re putting together a robust argument to the contrary. Anyway, onwards to rubbishness…


Jose Miguel Cubero’s face seems to be dripping clean off his head, a waxwork man playing at Icarus and paying the harshest of consequences. Or maybe he’s had a craving for coat-hangers, it’s difficult to say. Spare a thought too for Vedad Ibišević, one eye of clearest blue ice, the other a smudged pinprick with a life, back story, hopes and dreams all of its own. One side of his face is that of a merciless cyborg, the other a harassed and wincing stepfather. And then there’s Juan Carlos Paredes, a vague and nebulous form in our rendering, a mere gentle suggestion of what it is to be an Ecuadorian international footballer.

One of the pitfalls of the slapdash way we’ve approached the question of “who to draw next?” at any one time, is that we’ve ended up with a few teams completed and a few with hardly anyone drawn in at all. To redress this, here’s a whole bunch of Russians:

539537536 535534540

Glushakov? Airburshed. Anyukov? Trying to grin, but only managing a threatening leer. Shirokov? Depressed. Fayzulin? Possibly whispering sensual entreaties out of the corner of his mouth. Denisov? Sturdy. Smolov? For the love of all that is holy, he’s sticking his tongue out. This is an outrage.

And last but by no means least today, everyone’s favourite surprise package Costa Rica are finally in the bag. Lovely stuff, and some of our favourite silly faces from the whole tournament.


That’s all from us for today. Four more days to go… four more days of drawing, colouring, sticking, drawing, colouring, sticking and (occasionally) sleeping. I’m genuinely not joking when I tell you I’ve developed a twitch in my right eye over the last week or so, probably from far too much squinting at tiny pieces of paper. It’s a good job this thing is over soon, our flimsy bodies can’t take it…


Alex & Sian

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