World Cup Day 27

Incredible scenes! Germany just gave Brazil a pretty thorough chasing in a pretty bonkers semi-final, and yet we were still unable to properly drag our eyes away from ploughing through yet another batch of disgraceful doodles. The deadline looms, y’see? Only five days to go, and still well over a hundred stickers to do. We had friends round while we “watched” the match, exasperating them with our mindless refusal to stop drawing and look at the TV as yet another goal bobbled past the hapless Julio Cesar. Life gets ever stranger…


…as do our drawings. I mean, take this selection: Poor Joao Rojas has been cursed with cruelly mismatched eyes, which I’m going to attempt to explain by claiming that one is close to us, and the other is far away. Khosro Heydari gawps like a gasping fish, while Blerim Dzemaili’s combo of kindly grin and serrated teeth brings to mind a particularly friendly fruitbat.


Oh dear. Mohammad Khalatbari is in pain, grimacing with poorly suppressed agony at some unseen affliction. Maybe he bet on Brazil? Poor chap. Nobody needs that. Then we have the two sides of the ‘Disney Prince’ coin with Ariel Rodriguez and Adnan Zahirovic. First it’s Ariel: snide, snivelling, wretched, forever plotting the overthrow of some benevolent king or seduction of a good-hearted but trusting princess. But then there’s Adnan, a magnificent man, swinging in on a chandelier to save the day, hair flowing, swashes freshly buckled. What a man.


Well, the less said about this trio of horror the better, I think. Between Van Buyten’s nose, Beckeles’ chin and Ibarra’s mouth, this might be the fuel of my nightmares for years to come.

That’s all for now. Obviously, we’re still awful, and we still can’t draw. But do check back tomorrow! We’re getting very close to the end of this strange and wonderful journey, it’d be very nice if you were to be with us at the finale.


Alex & Sian



One thought on “World Cup Day 27

  1. Well done, you two. You gave me a hearty good laugh over your political debate drawings. The problem laughing heartily is the tendency to fart heartily. Given the nature of the political drawings it seemed entirely appropriate. Thanks again for such honest drawings. Mike.


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