World Cup Day 26

Another day, another team in the bag. Here’s the USA, looking resplendent…



What a great bunch of lads. I fondly remember Sian timidly handing Clarence Goodson across the living room, saying “Errr, I’ve done this…”, shortly before I fell out of my chair laughing.

It’s the last Monday of the World Cup. No games today, but we’ve still chalked up a few fresh failures as the Sunday deadline looms ever larger. Have a peek, if you don’t value your eyes…


Johan Djourou, possibly the most laid-back man in Switzerland, peers from under collapsed lids, bleary-eyed and seemingly half-awake, thus perfectly reflecting his on-pitch attitude to such uptight notions as “defending” and “marking”. Don’t hassle Johan with your pernickity fussing. I’m not sure what went on with our attempt at Samir Nasri, who here has been replaced with a cheeky street urchin of about eight years old. He might be a chimney sweep. Then we have Benjamin Moukando, who seems to have some trouble deciding which way his face is pointing. I think we drew his mouth in the wrong place. Or possibly his nose or, more likely, both.


Here’s some nondescript faceless egg-headed mannequins doubling as international football teams. Bear in mind, these stickers are very small…

That’s all for now. Check back tomorrow for some semi-final themed fun!

Alex & Sian



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