World Cup Day 25


One week to go. One week to the grand finale, and to a (hopefully) completed Panini sticker book full of some very difficult-to-explain doodling. One week to go and, with the end in sight, things have begun to go from surreal/baffling/exhausting to downright dangerous. Today, this morning, for the first time, this foolhardy exertion resulted in actual physical injury to one of us. I got out of bed an hour early so I could draw a couple of stickers and do a quick update before work, but while blundering around in my semi-comatose state looking for a pencil sharpener, I managed to trip and not-so-neatly remove one of my toenails. I know (or at least hope) you didn’t come here looking yo read about grisly household accidents, so we’ll skip the more graphic details and get to the bit with the rubbish drawings. Suffice to say that if we were to continue this madness indefinitely, I’d be whittled away to nothing within 6 months.


Dutch tyro Jordy Clasie there, sporting that borderline insane half-haircut thing that I genuinely have never seen on a human being who wasn’t a professional footballer. Fair enough though, as it takes the focus off his eyes, which appear to be leading disparate existences entirely seperate from each other. Mathieu Debuchy is another one with a half-flat/half-spiky atrocity atop his nogging. Fools, the pair of them. They both could learn a thing or two from the regulation mow of Dejan Lovren.


Poor, dumbstruck Jerry Palacios, by some distance the most confounded man at the World Cup. Maybe he’s dazzled by the racy show of flesh from Ivan Perišić, who is apparently the only player in the tournament to have plumped for an ‘off-the-shoulder’ style shirt. Combined with his coquettish grin, he makes for quite a sensuous image. Slightly less sexy is the harassed, possibly paranoid mug of Zvjezdan Misimović. I think he needs a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

That’s all for now, but do check back soon. There may well be some bonus fun later on this evening. For now, I’ll leave you with the over-caffeinated goggle-eyed stare of Mark Milligan, whose face will hopefully be plastered on your subconscious for the rest of the day.


Alex & Sian


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