World Cup Day 24


I think we’ve reached a new level of strangeness. Obviously, drawing 640 Panini stickers in a month – aside from being pretty weird behaviour – means an awful lot of time spent drawing. We’re spending three or four hours a day each on this very silly project, which when put alongside our (real) jobs is just about bearable. But sometimes it’s not enough to just go to work, come home and draw all evening: occasionally, other bits of life get in the way… which brings us to last night, where we attended our friend Tom’s 30th birthday party, and spent the whole evening doing this…


Life and soul of the party, I’m sure you’ll agree. That corn was delicious, you’ll be pleased to know.

Anyway, let’s examine some of yesterday’s humble, awful, abject offerings…


A mixed bag of rubbishness, today. Luis Garrido resembles some kind of deep-sea, coelacanth-type horror of the depths, looming out of the Challenger Deep to traumatise some hapless, squealing aquanaut. Far friendlier are Michael Barrantes and Stéphane Mbia, revelling in the simple joys of being shrunk to a teensy, artless rectangle. Mattia de Sgiglio gazes on contentedly, his jack-in-the-box head bobbing gently in the breeze.


Colombia? Done!


Germany? Done!

We’re getting there, folks.



Much love,

Alex & Sian


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