World Cup Day 23


Ah, there he is, the man of the hour. In case you hadn’t noticed, football happened again! That was a tough couple of days of no games, spent with me and Sian sitting in a sticker-induced stupor, gamely drawing away, ploughing through the more obscure end of the Bosnia-Herzegovina squad without so much as a minute of the thing responsible for this whole ridiculous quest. But, thankfully, that purgatory is now over and we can get back to sitting in front of actual games…albeit games that we can’t actually watch because we’re too busy colouring in that tricky bit on the front of the Mexico kit. Back to normality then, I suppose…sort of.

SO: here’s today’s offerings…


Claudio Marchisio looks down his nose at you, me, and the rest of the cosmos. He cares not what you think of his scraggly beard, misshapen nose and single huge chunky eyebrow. He’s his own man, is Claudio. I suspect Walter Ayoui may be eating the sourest gobstopper known to man, while Tranquillo Barnetta has the disbelieving look of a man who has just been quoted an unusually good exchange rate at a Bureau de Change.


The weathered visage of Jean Beausejour seems to have stumbled out of a Frank Miller comic. Not sure how that happened, I was going for “grizzled” but things quickly got out of hand. Aldo De Nigris and his 1920’s pioneering aviator-style ‘tache bring some welcome refinement to this collection. Lastly, Sead Kolasinic’s soulful, misty-eyed gaze evokes a man staring ruefully down from the window of the plane carrying his team home, his panorama filled with endless jungle and sky, dolefully reciting Keats in his head as he contemplates his nation’s all-too-brief sojourn to Amazonia. As least that’s what it looked like to me, though I have had some cider this evening.


That’s all for this evening, I think. Adios, Colombia! Au revoir, France! You were both a lot of fun.


Love Alex & Sian


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