World Cup Day 20

What a lovely day. The sun shone, I had a lovely chat with a nice man on BBC Radio Oxford about our progress, and (best of all) we drew a whole bunch of pretty rubbish stickers. What more could we possibly ask from a Tuesday?


So, exactly what did Alexander Dominguez do to be afforded the luxury of a picture in profile? The lucky, lucky man. Combine that with the fact that he has easily the best kit in the entire World Cup and, well, I don’t mind telling you that I’m green with envy. In other news, I’ve just been admonished by somebody on Twitter because apparently we’ve coloured Martin Caceres hair slightly too light. I take this opportunity now, here, in front of the entirety of planet Earth, to apologise. I am sorry Martin. Joshua Kennedy feels my acute embarrassment.


Hmmm. There are some pretty poor drawings here. Wakaso Mubarak is melting. Yasuhito Endo peeks out from beneath his magnificent head of hair and wonders what we’ve done to his face. Then there’s Yacine Brahimi, looking down at us with pity as we chuckle with glee at having to google the words ‘Brahimi Panini’.


Woah there, Geoff Cameron. That’s the face of someone having their photo taken on a rollercoaster. You can get it put on a keyring and everything afterwards. Bruno Alves meanwhile squints enigmatically into the middle distance like a man who knows damn well he’s having his picture taken.


And lastly, here’s the participants from the game we’re currently watching. Try and spot Fellaini…

That’s all for now, but do check back tomorrow!


Alex & Sian


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