World Cup Day 19



Waaaaah, this Germany vs Algeria match is pretty engrossing, so I’m going to keep today’s waffle short and sweet (just like waffles should be). Here be stickers!


Kevin Mirallas looks pretty damn dreamy, with his soft focus come-hither eyes leaping straight from the cover of the second-rate erotic novella that exists only in my head. I’m quite tired, by the way. Sami Khedira looks eager to please, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. That’s probably the face he was pulling all evening on the German bench. “Pick me, Jogi, pick me!”


The eerie, fixed grin of Admed Musa has me a little unnerved. He looks like he’s been taxidermied by someone with limited – or at best intermediate – taxidermy skills. Marcel Schmelzer’s head is simply enourmous. I’ll check with Sian if it’s supposed to be that huge. I’ve just compared our attempt at Rui Patricio with his real sticker… in which he looks like a handsome, dashing, slightly swarthy type. Alas, despite our best efforts the hobo’s curse strikes again.


Extraordinary hair from Jerome Boateng, who I’ve been reliably informed is the most hipster footballer out there. He certainly rocks that purple ‘V’ better than anyone else in the Germany squad. He was a centre-back playing at right-back before it was cool, yeah? Vasilis Torodis meanwhile shows us the most menacing pout in Greece, augmented somewhat by his one wonky eye. Diego Godin? Awww, look at him, butter wouldn’t melt.

That’s it for today, except for this little bit of stadium love…


No, it’s not a photograph. Your eyes are not playing tricks…


Alex & Sian


2 thoughts on “World Cup Day 19

  1. Oh my God!! The right side of Natal (#21)!! Do you have any idea how hard to get is that sticker!! … Been tempted to draw it myself ! Keep it up ! This blog is great!


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