World Cup Day 18

It’s Sunday, and things are looking up in our increasingly strange little world. We’re now officially past the halfway point of our quest, counting down the number of stickers left rather than totting up the number we’ve done. This is a small, but lovely realisation. There’s 13 days of the World Cup left, and for the very first time there’s a teeny hint of the end being in sight, and the sense that soon things might return to something approaching normality. This weekend, we even managed to pop home to Wales for a couple of days, although we then baffled our relatives by promptly unpacking hundreds of pens and pencils and setting about drawing for the entirety of our time there. Sorry, families!

Anyway, onto the following oafish renderings…


Ah, Bryan Ruiz. He cocks a snooty eyebrow like the smuggest Poirot villain you’ve ever seen, explaining that he couldn’t have pushed Lady Mandeville out of the window because he was in the summer house with Beatrice at the time, just as Charles and Gertrude said. The big fibber! We’re on to you, Bryan. Poor Hector Moreno meanwhile has come down with some kind of ghastly ailment, but is smiling stoically though the pain, possibly cheered up by gagsmith Daley Blind who, here at least, looks a great deal like comedian Richard Herring.


Emir Spahic has seen things, man. Ugly things. Probably best not to ask him about them. Oh dear, we appear to have made Jalal Hosseini into some kind of frightened child with a combover. He looks terrified, the poor little lamb.


Well, these are all just absolutely awful, obviously. I mean really, truly awful. I suspect Cristian Camboa and Mario Gotze have been to the same plastic surgeon. Possibly.

And lastly today, here’s a couple of stadia, which I just know your eyes have been itching to gaze upon…


Glorious. It’s just like being there.


So, on we trudge! Check back tomorrow, and monitor our progress as the deadline looms and our lives inevitably unravel…


Alex & Sian


One thought on “World Cup Day 18

  1. This is inspired lunacy. Power to your pencils. Remember once you are finished to draw yourselves for the My Panini sticker spot. Sending positive thoughts from Melbourne, Australia.


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