World Cup Day 17

Remember yesterday? Remember yesterday when there was no football? God, it was horrible, not to mention a total morale sapper for anybody strange enough to be attempting to draw Every Single Panini Sticker For Some Stupid Reason. But that dark day is behind us now, and we’re marching gloriously, idiotically onwards with a spring in our step and pen on our faces.

So what do we have today then?


Eeeeeeshk, not sure what’s going on with Fernando Muslera. Sian drew this one, and assures me his real sticker is every bit as hobo-ish. He just wants a bed for the night, the poor guy, give him a break. It could be worse though: Alan Dzagoev looks like he’s pressing his face up against a window, optimistically begging for scraps.



Hulk! Is our version hulking enough? I certainly hope so. He’s one of the few men on earth whose neck is wider than his head. Awww, he had a bit of a shocker today against Chile, bless him. There there, Hulk, it’s all over now. Did anyone else see Diego Lugano getting booked despite being an unused substitute? Wonderful work. Following on from his insane defence of Luis Suarez this week, he’s quickly becoming one of my favourite delusional sociopaths of the whole tournament. Apologies to Igor Akinfeev, because I accidentally crammed all of his features into a postage-stamp sized patch in the middle of his gigantic head. Sorry, Igor.

Another day is done. Thanks for visiting, please do come back soon. And hey, why not bring your unwilling and complaining friends?



Love Alex & Sian






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