World Cup Day 15

Hooray! Those nice guys at the Guardian have been nice enough to include us on their list of Favourite Things Online This Week, which is lovely news. Hello to you, if you came from that neck of the woods. 

So, before we get on with today’s various crummy likenesses, I realised something today: something is going on with Switzerland. We’ve only drawn four or five of them so far, but here’s a selection:


It’s a bit odd, but they’re all pulling the same weird half-smirk half-smile. And it’s not just our rubbish drawings (honest!), the real stickers look like that too. How odd. Explanations, no matter how outlandish, are very welcome. Exactly what are the Swiss up to?

Anyway, here’s some freshly scrawled messes…


DaMarcus Beasley is halway through a particularly dorky laugh, and should probably have been allowed a second go at doing his “sticker face”. The incredulous Bruno Martins Indi has just received some unexpected news so good that he simply cannot believe it. It’s true, Bruno! It’s really true! I feel for Thomas Vermaelen, who is clearly unwell and in need of immediate bed rest, and for Miguel Layun, who we’ve made it seem has a comb-over, which I can confirm he does not have in real life. Sorry Miguel!

Ah, we’ve getting there folks. We’re so close to halfway… so, so close.


Here’s some shinies…


Check back tomorrow!


Alex & Sian


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