World Cup Day 14

Two weeks in, and the tiny men just keep piling up. Free time is drawing time. Lunch breaks are now eating-while-trying-not-to-get mayonnaise-or-jam-(depends what I’m having)-on-Fernando-Gago’s face breaks. We reached a little milestone today, as we actually completed a team’s whole page for the first time. Euphoria, you might expect. Unfortunately though…


…it was England. Ah well, at least we can formally put them out of our minds (and their own misery) now, for another four years anyway. Thanks for coming England! Let’s just have Frank Lampard one last time to accurately reflect the national mood:


Thanks Frank!

Moving on, here’s the various crimes against art we’ve committed today…


Why so nervous, Stefan? That’s the face of someone who doesn’t like kids suddenly having to babysit two eight year-olds due to a family emergency. Miguel Veloso is ginger, apparently. Who knew? We certainly didn’t.


Sorry Valon Behrami, we made you look way more hobo-ish than you do in real life. Jermaine Jones morphed into Will Smith halfway through the drawing. My fault, I apologise. Eto’o? I have no words. But sorry, anyway.


We might have a new frontrunner in the coveted title of Smiliest Man In The World Cup, as Rafael Varane’s beaming grin blows away the existing competition. Sorry about the red smiudge on his face, I got momentarily confused by an abundance of different pens. Won’t happen again. Oh, Glen Johnson, you look so baffled. And possibly cross-eyed…but mainly baffled. Xavi meanwhile has had at least a dozen years lopped off by our clumsy doodling. Rubbish.

Oh, and here’s some more stadia…


…one of which looks a little bit like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, post-bang on the table. Strange.

Well, that’s it for tonight.


Check back soon!

Alex & Sian


2 thoughts on “World Cup Day 14

  1. Your blog fills me with the joy of 1000 Varane smiles. It’s been brilliant reading about the slow but inevitable onset of insanity caused by tiny portraits!
    As someone (in their 30s) who’s actually collecting the real stickers I’d like to point out that in many of the cases where you drawing looks entirely weird and implausible that is actually what the sticker looks like!
    Finally I’m afraid it falls upon me to be the bringer of bad news. Sticker 00 is actually a sticker. A lovely shiney of the panini logo, the man doing the scissor kick on the front of the album.
    All your calculations are wrong, and the descent into madness is surely now unavoidable?
    Apologies for that. Keep ‘m coming!


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