World Cup Day 13

It’s been another lovely, sunny, sticker-filled day, but BOY are we struggling to keep up. You may remember us having a target of 21 stickers each day in order to finish on time? It turns out, that is quite a lot of stickers. Our fingers are stained with ink, pencil shavings mingle with biscuit crumbs on our table… but onwards we must soldier, towards the midway point of our ordeal quest, which looms like a shed full of chocolate and booze halfway up Everest.



Vince Vaughan moonlighting in goal for Brazil, there. He has such range! Soulemayne Bamba peers heroically into the middle distance, and also adds his luxurious moniker to our ever-expanding list of awesome World Cup names. Fredy Guarin meanwhile is thoroughly unimpressed with whatever it is you’ve just said, thought or done. Atsuto Uchida looks like a frightened field-mouse, cowering in a thicket from a swooping, diving bird of prey.


Such innocence in the eyes of Matt Besler. No malice, there, just blank and uncomprehending goodness radiating from every pore. He’d help an old dear across the street without waiting to be asked, would Matt. Lovely guy. Elsewhere, I’m a huge fan of Jackson Martinez’s ever-so-slightly menacing smirk. He’s got a dastardly plan, I suspect. Or, he might just be chewing.

Woah, shinies!


That blue tiger on the South Korea badge is ace. That is all. Why don’t more teams have tigers on their badges? Tigers are great. South Korea, Hull City… there should be more.

And here’s Japan!


Might have lost a little bit of detail in the process, there. Oh well, we tried.

AND FINALLY, we’ve at last had a go at a couple of stadia…


...which turned out okay. Or okay-ish. I think. You tell me, I’m not Brian Sewell.

That’s all for tonight.


Alex & Sian


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