World Cup Day 12

Hello all!


I’ve quickly come to realise that if someone requests a certain player on Twitter, it’s usually because they have a crazy sticker. HELLO ARTURO VIDAL. I mean, that might be the worst haircut, not just in the World Cup, but in the world full stop. Extraordinary. If you’re in a group of three men, and one of the other men is Dirk Kuyt, and you’re still the weirdest looking man in the group, something is wrong. Oscar meanwhile, looks all sweetness and light. I think we’ve aged him a little, as he looks almost old enough to smoke in our picture.


Cheer up Johnny! You’d think cantering through to the second round, and the juicy prospect of playing the English whipping boys tomorrow, would be enough to make anyone crack a smile. Apparently not. I think he needs a hug. Maybe he should just have a chat with Segundo Castillo, who has clearly discovered the secret to eternal happiness… or possibly been sedated, its difficult to say.


Alves’ eyes terrify me. Icy blue, they beam into my soul like lasers of pure truth. I trust Dani Alves. Tell him your secrets. Dani cares. Jorge Claros on the other hand is a picture of apathy, looking utterly bored by this whole World Cup business, while Gabriel Achilier has unfortunately been struck dumb by something extraordinary happening just over our right shoulder. Poor guy.


I’ve said it before, but everyone loves shinies, even ones made out of tin foil and love.



Check back tomorrow!

Alex & Sian


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