World Cup Day 11 (Part 2)

Our living room looks like an explosion in a pencil factory. This silliness is taking over our lives, but today I’ve at least managed to glance at a couple of actual football matches. As  I write this, I’m watching Ronaldo losing his mind as USA beat Portugal. It’s wonderfully amusing, so much so that I think I might treat myself to another look at his sticker:


Ah, that’s nice. Oh, bloody hell, Portugal just scored. Killjoys, I was enjoying that.

Well, that’s dampened my mood considerably. Oh well, let’s press on and look at some of today’s clumsy attempts…


Giorgio Chiellini has enough face for two men, so I’m a big fan of him. Also, I realised what a joy it is to Google the words “Chiellini Panini”…it really is a lovely phrase. Toni Kroos looks a little podgier than he does in reality, while Roger Espinoza is clearly trying to break the world record for holding your breath. Go Roger! You can do it!


I can exclusively reveal that this picture of Helder Postiga is an abomination. It was going quite well until I got to the chin, and then things went downhill quite rapidly. Javier Hernandez looks a little giddy, as I think we’ve done his eyes a little bit wonky. Poor chap. Dries Mertens, without wanting to seem mean, has no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. I might as well have drawn an egg in a Belgium shirt.

And now, pray silence please, for the one and only…



Staring at that nightmare has destroyed my day, so it’s definitely time for bed.

226 stickers down.
413 stickers to go.

Check back tomorrow!

Alex (& Sian)



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