World Cup Day 11 (Part 1)

Sunday. The day of rest. Or rather it would be if we didn’t have to churn out twenty-odd tiny pictures. But onwards we must plough, so let’s see what today has in store…

First up it’s Belgium versus Russia:


Some strong looks here. I like Courtois’ pointy head, and Vertonghen’s inscrutable squint. Kokorin looks pretty creepy and mildly sadistic. That’s the haircut of a closet lunatic.

Next up, South Korea and Algeria…


…where Ki Sung-Yueng looks bloody heroic. Put that man on a stamp. The disgusted look on Rais M’Bolhi’s face might be down to his own tracksuit top.

And lastly this evening, it’s USA versus Portugal…


Meaning YES, we get to draw Nani! Ah, what an impossible strange looking man he is. We clearly haven’t done him justice, but then his face defies any attempt at artistic rendering. I have a feeling that’s the face he pulls when Ronaldo screams at him for not passing. Poor guy, it must be difficult being Nani. Aron Johannsson has no such problems: the blue-eyed all-American guy has a face you could set your watch to.

That’s it from us for now. Mercifully, Sian is home from her weekend away so we can share the workload properly again, and I won’t disintegrate into a mound of dust. Hooray for that. But what a hero she is, she even drew Franck Ribery while on holiday…


Check back soon!

Alex @ Sian


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